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Quantum Leap
Alternative Credit Fund

Invest for competitive returns with secured commercial loans

About the Fund

The Quantum Leap Alternative Credit Fund is established with the aim to generate competitive returns for Unitholders by investing in a carefully curated portfolio of secured commercial loans.

If you have any investment questions, please call the investment manager on 1300 930 554 or email

Fund Details

Indicative Distribution Rate
There are no distributions at present. The fund has not made any investment and this page will be updated when appropriate.
Income Distribution
Income distribution will be calculated on a monthly basis. If any income is distributable to Unitholders, that amount will be net of fees and expenses accrued and paid out of Fund assets.
Minimum Investment Term
12 months
Minimum Investment Amount
Fund Objective
To provide Unitholders with regular income by making secured commercial loans
Investment Manager
Australian Integrity Investments Pty Ltd ACN 666 932 109
Last Revised: 23/10/2023
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